ECB’s Schnabel: Further rate hikes “rather unlikely” after latest inflation data

  • Inflation developments are encouraging, fall in core prices remarkable
  • Must be careful about guiding policy for many months out
  • Current level of restriction is sufficient, has increased confidence 2% target will be met in 2025
  • Further rate hikes “rather unlikely” after November inflation data
  • But must not declare victory prematurely
  • Inflation is on the right track but more progress is needed
  • No prolonged recession is seen
  • Data suggests economy may be bottoming out

She’s not saying anything that markets have not considered as of late. There’s now 133 worth of rate cuts priced in for next year alone, with traders even starting to look towards the first one coming as early as March (20 bps priced in already now).

This article was written by Justin Low at Source