The BoJ meet today and tomorrow – ‘reduction of bond buys’ chatter reignited on Wednesday

The Bank of Japan is meeting today and tomorrow. The BoJ’s Statement will be issued some time between 0230 and 0330 GMT on Friday June 14. The BoJ don’t have a firmly scheduled time for the release.

Bank of Japan Governor Ueda’s press conference will begin at 0630 GMT, that is firmly scheduled.

On Wednesday Adam posted on:

That’s the third time I’ve seen this chatter, and I’m not even counting that closely.

I posted it, also from the same source, earlier this week:

And Bloomberg reported the same chatter the week before.

So that’s three outings for the rumour. At least.

Will it happen? The flow of data from Japan right now is not overly supportive of continued tightening:

But you can read it however you like. Yesterday, for example, data showed higher inflation indications but that was seen as a reason not to tighten ….

  • inflation is of the cost-push kind, much of it due to the weak yen pushing up the price of raw material imports, which may weigh on consumption, and the broader economy, and further distance the demand-drive inflation the bank wants to see before having the confidence to tighten further

Stay tuned.

Bank of Japan Governor Ueda

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source