TSLA Stock Technical Analysis: Decoding the Daily Chart with Volume Profile and VWAP

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) remains a highly watched stock in the market, with its daily price movements offering significant insights for investors. Equipped with an updated chart featuring detailed price labels, this analysis will integrate these specific price points to offer a refined perspective for both swing traders and long-term holders considering their positions in TSLA. For those interested in other stocks hub page, check out our ddaily updates stocks page and choose a stock symbol that may interest you,

Swing Trader Analysis for TSLA STOCK: KEY PRICE LEVELS

  • Resistance Retreat: TSLA’s price pulling back from the 1st upper VWAP line at $240.88, after a bearish candle, indicates a short-term resistance area.
  • Downward Journey: The price decrease from the VAH line at $252.75 suggests a potential trajectory towards the POC line at $235.59.
  • Support Levels: Should the downtrend persist, the next support is at the VWAP line at $228.6, followed by the VAL line at $220.73.

Price Forecast for Tesla Swing Traders: Key Support and Resistance to Monitor

  • Immediate Resistance for TSLA stock: The 2nd and 3rd upper VWAP lines at $252.80 and $264.73, respectively, serve as crucial short-term ceilings.
  • Potential Support Reversal for TSLA stock: The POC at $235.59 may provide a rebound point, while the lower VWAP lines at $217.04 and $205.11 offer subsequent support levels.

Long-Term Investor Insights: Strategic Price Points for Tesla stock

  • Evaluating Entry and Exit: The current pullback near the upper VWAP lines suggests a re-evaluation of entry points, with the POC at $235.59 acting as a potential accumulation zone.
  • Monitoring Lower Supports: The VAL at $220.73 and the lower VWAP bands ($217.04, $205.11, and $193.19) are critical for determining long-term support strength.

Conclusion: Strategic Investment Decisions Ahead for TSLA Traders and Investors

The detailed daily chart of TSLA presents specific price levels that are instrumental for traders and investors. Swing traders can leverage the resistance and support labels to make precise moves, while long-term investors may find these levels helpful for assessing the stock’s value and making informed decisions. Understanding these price points, in conjunction with TSLA’s market activity, is vital for navigating investment strategies effectively.

This article was written by Itai Levitan at www.forexlive.com. Source