BOJ’s Ueda wants more convincing that wages will keep rising

Bank of Japan Governor Ueda with more remarks:

  • We need to have more conviction that wages will keep rising, rising
    wages lead to service prices and economy remains strong, to ponder
    exit from easy policy

Once again Ueda indicating that an exit from ultra easy monetary policy is anything but imminent. He does allow himself a wee hedge though:

  • There will always be new information coming in, so at any meeting
    there is a chance of making a certain decision, when asked about
    chance of BOJ foreseeing inflation sustainably hit 2% target at next
    policy meeting in December


  • Don’t expect 10-year JGB yield to rise sharply above 1% even after
    last YCC tweak

And now he is muddying the water:

  • If 2024, 2025 inflation forecasts are strong enough, we may be able
    to judge that sustained achievement of 2% target is in sight even if 2026
    forecast is not available
  • Hard to say chance of ending zero interest rates this year is zero


USD/JPY update:

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source