Crude oil makes a comeback today. Settles at $81.25, up 1.07%

A week or so ago, the price of crude oil moved above a key swing ceiling between $82.43 and $83.44 (see yellow area and read numbered circles on the chart above). The price moved above that ceiling on Wednesday of last week, closing at $84.40.

  • The next day (on Thursday) a new high was made going back to November 2022 at $84.89, but momentum could not be sustained, and the price moved back within the swing area.
  • On Friday last week, the high price reached $83.81. The low price was at $82.23. Each of those levels extended outside of the swing area ceiling but the price closed within the high/low swing area.
  • On Monday of this week, the price moved lower and closed below the swing area. Buyer’s started to turn to sellers.
  • Momentum increased to the downside on Tuesday and Wednesday with the low price on Wednesday reaching $79.05 just above the $79 target area.
  • On Thursday the low price reached $78.95, this time just below the $79 level before bouncing higher.
  • Finally, today the low price reached $79.02, once again just above the $79 level.

So overall, the buyers had their shot last week with the move above the high of the swing area and $83.44. They failed. This week, the sellers had their shot at breaking below the $79 level, but they are failing as well.

So with support holding and resisting’s failing, for traders, we’ve defined a range.

  • Support at $79 going into next week.
  • Resistance is back between $82.43 and $83.44

With a price currently at $80.80, pick your poison.

Fundamentally, the main drivers are things like

  • Saudi reducing supply
  • Fairly strong demand in the US, with the potential for slowing if the Fed continues to tighten and the forever expected slowdown occurs in the 2nd half
  • Concerns about slow growth in China as a struggle with their real estate woes and lack of balance from the Covid reopening

For the week the price is down $2.33 or -2.81%, but that came after 7 consecutive weeks that saw the price move up 26.61% from the low to the high of that seven-week trading range

For the full review in a video, click on the link below:

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source