Economic calendar in Asia Monday, 6 November 2023 – Bank of Japan meeting minutes

The Bank of Japan minutes are from the meeting of September 21 and 22. This meeting was a bit of a non-event, no change to policy:

The BOJ’s ‘Summary of Opinions’ of meetings precede the Minutes by many weeks. This of the summary as sort of a Minutes ‘Lite’, they do give us some of idea of the discussion that took place. In the case of the September meeting the summary revealed a lot of batting around of ideas but, as I said above, no policy change:

Also due from Japan, a little after the minutes, are the services and composite PMI.

  • Services preliminary was 51.1 vs. 53.8 prior
  • Composite preliminary was 49.9 (the lowest since December 2022) vs prior 52.1

Also coming up are inflation data from Australia, the privately surveyed TD / MI monthly CPI gauge. The ABS survey of monthly inflation is a new indicator, the TD/MI indicator has been around a lot longer and is a respected survey. The Reserve Bank of Australia November meeting is on Tuesday, a rate hike of 25bp is widely expected. The CPI data from this survey will be a reminder that inflation in Australia is well above target.

  • This snapshot from the ForexLive economic data calendar, access it here.
  • The times in the left-most column are GMT.
  • The numbers in the right-most column are the ‘prior’ (previous month/quarter as the case may be) result. The number in the column next to that, where there is a number, is the consensus median expected.
  • I’ve noted data for New Zealand and Australia with text as the similarity of the little flags can sometimes be confusing.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source