EU, US, and UAE lead global coalition to phase out coal and triple renewable energy

The European Union, United States and United Arab Emirates have hammered out an agreement to shift away from coal, triple renewable energy this decade. More than 60 countries have said they will join the pledge:, including:

  • major emerging economies like Nigeria, South Africa and
  • developed countries like Australia, Japan and Canada
  • and others

Reuters have the report citing a draft they’ve seen:

  • the goal is doubling the world’s annual rate of
    improving energy efficiency to 4% per year until 2030
  • the greater use of renewables must be
    accompanied by “the phase down of unabated coal power,”
    including ending the financing of new coal-fired power plants

And further, says an official said talks with China
and India to join the pledge are “quite advanced” but not yet agreed to.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source