Nasdaq going for its third day in a row with declines around 1.15%. Steady as she falls…

The NASDAQ index is training to new session lows and in the processes currently down around -1.15%. That decline matches the previous 2 day declines -1.14% and 1.15% respectively.

NASDAQ shares are down -7.14% for the month is its worst performance since December 1 the index fell -8.73%

Steady as she falls….

  • Apple shares are down -1.7% on the day, and -2.4% for the week. It gets worse as for the month shares down -11.62%
  • Microsoft shares down -1.02% and -5.6% for the month.
  • Nvidia shares are down -0.97% and -7.82% for the month
  • Alphabet shares are bucking the trend today with a gain of 0.61% and only down -2.4% for the month
  • Meta shares are down -2.53% and -9.97% for the month
  • Tesla shares are down -2.49% and -17.74% for the month
  • Amazon shares down -0.87% and holding onto a 0.10% gain for the month

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source