Bank of Japan Governor Ueda says some challenges are uniquely difficult for the Bank

Bank of Japan Governor Ueda

  • We have made progress in moving away from zero and lifting inflation
    expectations, but we must now re-anchor them, this time at the 2%
  • BoJ will proceed
    cautiously, as do other central banks with inflation-targeting
  • While many of the
    challenges we face are similar to those encountered by our
    counterparts, some are uniquely difficult for us
  • The absence of
    significant interest rate movements poses a considerable obstacle in
    assessing the economy’s response to changes in interest rates

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Nothing of immediate relevance for traders here. No hints on what’s to come at the Bank’s June meeting. there are some expectations of another interest rate rise, and/or further trimming of Japanese Government Bond purchases. With yields on the rise in Japan it argues against the Bnk trimming JGB purchases.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source