Bitcoin ETFs approved — SEC document

Everyone is being careful with this but the SEC website this time has a new document here.

It ends with:

IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED, pursuant to Section 19(b)(2) of the Exchange Act,87
that the Proposals (SR-NYSEARCA-2021-90; SR-NYSEARCA-2023-44; SR-NYSEARCA2023-58; SR-NASDAQ-2023-016; SR-NASDAQ-2023-019; SR-CboeBZX-2023-028; SRCboeBZX-2023-038; SR-CboeBZX-2023-040; SR-CboeBZX-2023-042; SR-CboeBZX-2023-
044; SR-CboeBZX-2023-072) be, and hereby are, approved on an accelerated basis

Looking at the document, it certainly looks legit. That said, releasing it shortly before the close looks like another SEC snafu.

So far, the price action in bitcoin isn’t exactly promising either.

The document is down, but I imagine that’s the loads on the site. I can’t imagine someone going through all the trouble of spoofing a 22-page document.

Update: If there was any doubt this document was real, it’s now been confirmed by the SEC Chair and several CEOs of the companies who will offer the ETFs.

This article was written by Adam Button at Source