Bitcoin price forecast – I have bought some BTCUSD at 62k with target 70k

My bitcoin technical analysis video

Bitcoin technical analysis and BTCUSD price forecast: A bullish perspective for upcoming sessions

Welcome, crypto investors and traders. Today, I am delving into a detailed technical analysis of Bitcoin with the above video. With recent price movements and key technical levels, there’s an exciting opportunity for those looking to go long on Bitcoin. Let’s break down the analysis and discuss potential trading strategies.

📈 Key Resistance and Support Levels

  • Critical Resistance:The pivotal level to watch is $62,195. Price reactions at this naked PoC key price level indicate significant market attention.

🟡 Trading Strategy: Going Long with Strategic Stops

  • Immediate Strategy: After a slight decline over the past few days, Bitcoin presents a promising long entry point. A short stop-loss strategy is advisable to minimize risks.
  • Stop-Loss Tip: Set your stop just above 1.5% of risk near the recent low at $61,356.

🔍 Technical Indicators and Patterns

  • Yellow Channel: The mid-channel line serves as a minor resistance, which if broken, could signify a stronger bullish momentum.
  • Purple Trendline: With three prior touch points, this trendline – see the purple line in the video above – is another importnat marker for potential price breakout to the higher side.

🚀 Potential Upside and Profit Targets

  • Short-Term Target: Look to take initial profits around $63,000 and near the mid-channel line at approximately $64,660.
  • Long-Term View: If the momentum continues, riding the wave up to $70,000 could yield a substantial reward, with a potential 9:1 reward-to-risk ratio.

🌟 Medium-Term Outlook

  • Bullish Sentiment: The medium-term outlook remains bullish with expectations of breaking higher resistance levels in one to two consecutive attempts.
  • Market Dynamics: Resistance levels often require several tests before a breakthrough; the upcoming attempt could be a decisive fourth or fifth try.

💡 Trading Tips

  • Market Timing: If you’re catching this analysis a bit late, smaller timeframes may offer viable entry points. AGAIN – ENTRY AROUND The pivotal level is $62,195.
  • Risk Management: Always trade within your risk tolerance and consider partial profits to secure gains.

🎯 Conclusion

While the bullish signals are not yet strong, this can be an early entry for the high risk vs reward trader. Remember that trading involves risk, and it’s crucial to approach each trade with careful consideration. Stay tuned to for more updates, and as always, trade wisely and well.

Thank you for checking out, and good luck in your trading endeavors!

This article was written by Itai Levitan at Source