Case builds for China’s banks to cut deposit rates

A piece from Reuters citing various sources, some unnamed.

Last week the People’s Bank of China left its key indicative mortgage rate, the 5 year LPR unchanged, against widespread expectations of a cut:

Despite leaving the 5yr untouched, China’s banks will cut deposit rates soon as part of efforts to make mortgages more affordable and revive property demand say analysts cited by Reuters.

  • China did not opt for a broad rate cut that would further depress banks’ narrow net interest margins, instead deferring to banks to cut their deposit rates and give themselves room to cheapen mortgages, analysts said.
  • major state-owned banks might take the lead in cutting deposit rates, setting off a chain of such cuts, two banking sources told Reuters.
  • Lowering deposit rates will give banks much needed wiggle room to cut mortgage rates.
  • Xing Zhaopeng, a senior China strategist at ANZ, points to how deposit rates are pegged to the one-year LPR and estimates banks will cut those by 20 basis points. He also expects a tweak to rules so that existing mortgage rates can be reset lower. “The plan to reduce existing mortgage rates is in the making,” Xing said.

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This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source