Fed Jackson Hole symposium full agenda will be available imminently, Powell speaks Friday

The full agenda of the Fed’s annual Jackson Hole Symposium will be made available at 6 PM US Mountain Time, which is 8 PM US Eastern time.

I gave a heads up on this yesterday, but ICYMI.

  • This year’s topic is ““Structural Shifts in the Global Economy”. More on this:
  • This year’s theme will explore several significant, and potentially long-lasting, developments affecting the global economy. While the immediate disruption of the pandemic is fading, there likely will be long-lasting aftereffects for how economies are structured, both domestically and globally, as trade networks shift, and global financial flows react. Similarly, the policy response to the pandemic and its aftermath could have persistent effects as economies adjust to rapid shifts in the stance of monetary policy and a substantial increase in sovereign debt. Papers will share how these developments are likely to affect the context for growth and monetary policy in the coming decade.

The focus is on Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s speech. We know the time for this, Friday 25 August at 10.05 AM US Eastern time.

Earlier previews:

Old pic of the three amigos at Jackson Hole. I’m only kidding on the Fed Funds prediction BTW.

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