Fed’s Mester: December CPI report shows the job is not done yet

  • Today’s inflation report doesn’t change my view on where the Fed is headed
  • Forecasts that we will continue to see inflation fall this year
  • We will not get to 2% target this year
  • The Fed is in a good spot to assess as data comes in
  • This report doesn’t tell us that inflation progress has stalled out but it tells us we have more work to do
  • Contacts say labor market is still tight but not as tight as before
  • March is too early for rate cuts, in my estimation
  • We are not there yet to cut rates, we want more evidence the economy is progressing as expected

The headline is hawkish and she’s generally hawkish but the rest of her comment speak for themselves.

This article was written by Adam Button at www.forexlive.com. Source