Gold futures technical analysis. I am waiting to go Long on Gold at 2337.5 to 2341.5

Gold futures technical analysis and my trade plan – watch the video below, gold traders and investors

As I delve into the technical analysis of gold futures on the 1-hour time frame, my focus shifts towards identifying the most strategic buying opportunities and understanding the inherent risks associated with trading in this interesting gold market.

Strategic buy zone: A deliberate Approach

My analysis points towards the next potential buy zone situated between 2337.5 and 2341.5. This targeted range is not just a random selection but is based on the underlying market dynamics observed from yesterday’s trading activity, specifically yesterday’s value area high (VAH) and yesterday’s first upper standard deviation of the volume-weighted average price (VWAP).

Diversifying entry strategies to mitigate risk

By adopting a strategy where purchases are spread out within this defined range, I can effectively manage and reduce the risks associated with market volatility. In my opinion, distributing buys within this zone not only lowers the standard deviation of risk but also averages out the entry price, offering a more favorable risk-reward ratio.

So where and why is my stop for this gold Long trade

For my money, setting my stop-loss just below the daily EMA20 and just below 2333 is crucial, as this provides a safety net against potential downturns while still allowing room for the trade to breathe. My approach balances the risk of entering at the high end of the range—which could expose me to greater downside risk—and the possibility of missing the fill at the lower end, which could forego potential gains.

Trading within the potential bull flag pattern – the yellow channel is my gold technical analysis video above

The current market formation suggests a bull flag pattern, indicating a strong potential for upward movement. I’m targeting a rebound towards yesterday’s VAH and the VWAP’s upper standard deviation around 2341. This strategic placement not only aligns with technical indicators but also with the natural market movements observed in previous sessions.

Preparedness for market fluctuations

In case the market does not move as anticipated, I have prepared strategies to mitigate losses and potentially capitalize on unforeseen movements. If the market approaches the lower band of the buy zone and does not fill, I am ready to seek alternative entries at more advantageous prices, ensuring that I am not chasing the market but rather letting the opportunities come to me.

In summary, I am trying to fill a long position at a range of 2337.5 to 2341.5, always aware that trading carries inherent risks. For those interested in following more detailed analyses and market insights, a visit to can provide additional perspectives and expert opinions. Trade at your own risk, and consider these strategies to potentially enhance your trading outcomes in the gold futures market. Visit for addiional views.

This article was written by Itai Levitan at Source