Goldman Sachs president Waldron: We are very bullish on AI

Goldman Sachs president John Waldron in an interview on CNBC says:

  • We are very bullish on AI.

US stocks are trading near highs. The NASDAQ index. Move down -60.78 points at session lows, but it’s currently up around +37 points or 0.23% at 16339.

The S&P index was down -7.25 points at session lows, but is currently up 17.57 points or 0.34%. The Dow Industrial Average result for its seventh consecutive day. The index is up 183 points or 0.47%.

Despite the bullishness:

  • Shares of Nvidia still remains down on a day by $-12.24 or -1.32% at $891.50.
  • Super Micro Computers another AI stock is down $-15.74 or -1.91% at $806.90.
  • Adobe shares are also lower bite $-2.63 or -0.54% at $485.48.

On the top side:

  • Meta Platforms is trading up $2.64 or 0.56% at $475.29
  • Amazon is trading at $2.31 or 1.23% at $190.30.
  • Apple shares are trading up $0.89 or 0.49% at $183.65.
  • ServiceNow is trading up $5.72 or 0.79% at $726.75.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source