ICYMI – US Treas Sec Yellen said more work is required to get inflation under control

US Treasury Secretary Yellen spoke from Boston on Wednesday. Given the nature of her remarks I wonder if she has seen the CPI numbers due today already and is softening us up for disappointment? Maybe I’m being too suspicious.


  • television prices are down by 28% from their peak
  • used cars and trucks are 11% cheaper
  • gasoline is down almost $2 a gallon since June 2022
  • the typical middle-class American household has “more wealth, higher earnings and more purchasing power than before the pandemic.”

Here’s the “but”, though:

  • “Despite how far we’ve come, we know significant work remains to be done. For too many families, prices for goods that matter — such as groceries, rents and prescription drugs, are high”
  • pledged to use “all tools at our disposal” to bring costs down


I posted earlier on the inflation data due at 8.30 am US Eastern time:

And, Adam:

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