Japan finance minister Suzuki says FX should move stably, reflect fundamentals

Japan finance minister Suzuki, with same-old comments. Some verbal intervention as the yen weakens.

NOPE! Here we go, he’s adding in something a little more substantial and significant

  • Sharp, one-sided moves seen in FX market

This is sort of comment is of the type that is key to indicating the potential for actual intervention (see the link below for more of what to watch for).


  • FX should move stably reflecting fundamentals
  • Closely watching fx
    moves with great sense of urgency
  • Will respond
    appropriately if fx moves become excessive
  • Sharp, one-sided
    moves seen in fx market
  • Yen weakness has
    both merit and demerit
  • Current situation
    not positive to current policy issues

USD/JPY has dribbled lower after taking a quick look above 145.00:


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