Japan’s government to warn of weak yen

Japan’s government will warn
of the pain a weak yen may inflict on households in this year’s
long-term economic policy roadmap.

Reuters report citing a draft of the document it has sighted.

  • “Japan’s economy continues to recover moderately, though
    some sectors, notably consumption, are stalling,” the draft of
    this year’s long-term roadmap said.
  • “At present, the pace of wage rises hasn’t caught up with
    that of inflation,” it said.
  • “Vigilance is required to the impact a weak yen could have
    on households’ purchasing power through rising import prices,”
    according to the draft, seen by Reuters by Tuesday.

reference to the weak yen’s impact will likely keep the Bank of Japan
(BOJ) under pressure to raise interest rates or slow its huge bond

‘Roadmap’ calls on the Bank of Japan to “sustainably and stably achieve its 2% inflation target while
confirming whether a positive wage-inflation cycle is in place”.

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