Microssoft Introduces copilot plus PCs.The price of MSFT is moving closer to all-time high

Microsoft’s Nadella introduces the Copilot+PCs. The PC was described as the fastest most AI ready Windows PC ever built

  • 58% faster than M3 MacBook air
  • Plan to integrate open AI’s latest GPT model
  • AMD, Qualcomm, Intel Partnership
  • New copilot app on PCs
  • Plans to integrate latest OpenAI GPT model

Shares of Microsoft are trading at $425.39 up $5.12 or 1.22%. Microsoft hi closing level is at $429.37 while its high intraday level reached $430.82. The current price is getting closer to those extremes. The recent low corrective price reached $388.38 on April 25. The price is up 9.54% since that low 17 days ago.

AMD shares are up $3.43 or 2.09%. Intel shares are up $0.35 or 1.10%, and Qualcomm shares are trading up $4.64 or 2.40%.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at www.forexlive.com. Source