More from Fed’s Logan: Tighter financial conditions desired, will slow the economy

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Lorie Logan. Earlier comments here:

More now:

  • Not thinking about when Fed might cut rates
  • Central bank market
    support interventions should be rare, transparent
  • Fed has taken
    important steps to provide market liquidity backstops
  • Anecdotal
    information is important for policy making
  • Persistent rise in
    bond yields could mitigate need for Fed rate hikes
  • Tighter financial
    conditions desired, will slow economy
  • NY Fed has extensive
    dashboard to monitor money markets
  • Reverse repo
    facility running down very smoothly
  • Quite uncertain what
    right level of reserves is for banks
  • Need to get fed
    reverse repo facility close to zero
  • Unsure how fast reverse repo facility will shrink
  • sees quite a bit of time left for balance sheet runoff

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