Morgan Stanley says “crypto winter” may be in the past. Optimistic for an April 24 halving

This from last week ICYMI (like I did). Morgan Stanley’s Wealtyh management unit writes that insight into cyrpto pricing next moves can come from its ‘four “seasons” of cryptocurrency’s historical trading cycle’.

  • now is a good time to search for insights from past cryptocurrency trading cycles to understand what may lie ahead.

The key points MS make in their piece are:

  • Historically, most of bitcoin’s gains come directly after a “halving” event that occurs every four years.
  • Estimates vary, but history indicates the next halving could occur sometime in April 2024.
  • Signs indicate that “crypto winter”—bitcoin’s cyclical bear-market decline—may be in the past.

Full piece is here: Will Crypto Spring Ever Come?

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source