Mr. JGB: Japan’s stable inflation target achievable in 2024, but not in the way BOJ thinks

Mr JGB, Michio Saito, says thats its possible the Bank of Japan will achieve its stable inflation target this year, but not exactly in the way the central bank envisages:

  • “Rather than strong demand pulling up wages and prices through a virtuous cycle, the chronic labor shortage will be the main factor”

Info comes via a Bloomberg report (gated).

  • “Japanese long-term yields won’t climb much beyond 1%, even if the Bank of Japan revises its yield curve control program or raises its short-term policy rate,”
  • demise of Japan’s negative interest rate won’t be followed by a series of aggressive hikes as seen in the US and Europe
  • yields won’t keep shooting up after the initial jump as the central bank will still be offering support for the economy

Saito was director-general of the Financial Bureau at the Ministry of
Finance and is now an executive fellow at Nomura Institute of Capital Markets Research.


USD/JPY is back around 145.00 to be very little changed on the session

The US dollar is a touch lower pretty much across the major’s board. DXy:

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source