Oil technical analysis & oil price forecast, FOMC meeting

Oil technical analysis & oil price forecast, before the FOMC meeting, see video

Oil – failed breakout. Bearish unlss it recaptures $82

As we traverse through 2023, the oil market has presented a roller coaster of price movements that have captivated traders and investors alike. The Light Crude Oil Futures, a barometer for global economic health and energy demand, has seen significant fluctuations, offering both peril and promise to those willing to decipher its trends.

Starting the year with prices as low as $67, the market has witnessed a surge to the heights of $95, marking a volatile period that has been the focus of over 70% of trading activity. This range, known as the value area, has been the battleground for traders aiming to capitalize on the market’s movements.

A critical observation has been the behavior of early long positions. These positions, accumulated at the value area’s lower end, have allowed traders to ride the wave up to the value area high, securing gains of approximately 15%. This strategy, while lucrative for some, has introduced a high-stakes game of timing and market sentiment.

Recently, a failed breakout above the value area high signaled a potential shift in market direction. This failure to sustain upward momentum beyond the critical $82 mark has painted a bearish outlook, suggesting a reevaluation of bullish positions unless the market can recapture this level.

Adding complexity to the analysis is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), currently at $79.42. This moving target adjusts with price changes, suggesting $79.50 as the next area of interest. Beneath this level lies a green support line around $75, further solidifying the bearish sentiment signaled by the market’s failure to advance.

Moreover, the presence of a wedge formation, although not perfectly defined, hints at an ascending, or rising, pattern typically associated with bearish outcomes. This pattern suggests a possible descent to the $76.77 point of control, where the market could find its next equilibrium.

In conclusion, the current oil market landscape presents a cautious narrative. Unless the market can firmly reclaim the $82 threshold, traders may need to brace for potential downward movements. As always, trading carries inherent risks, and the unfolding scenarios, including external factors like the forthcoming FOMC meeting, could sway the market in unexpected directions. Traders are advised to stay informed and prepare for all eventualities in this ever-changing market. ALWAYS TRAE OIL AT YOUR OWN RISK ONLY.

This article was written by Itai Levitan at www.forexlive.com. Source