PBOC Loan Prime Rates (LPR) CUT: 1-year 3.55% (prior 3.65%) & 5 year 4.20% (prior 4.30%)

People’s Bank of China Loan Prime Rate policy rate setting for June 2023. The first cut to LPRs for 10 months.

1-year cut by 10bp to 3.55%

  • prior 3.65%

& 5 year also getting a 10bp cut, to 4.20%

  • prior 4.30%

So, that’s it for China rate cuts for now. Over to the fiscal folks for more stimulus. Markets were disappointed yesterday that the State Council meeting over the weekend didn’t result in any boosts for the economy being announced. Not yet anyway.

Last week the People’s Bank of China cut 3 policy rates:

And there was other stimulus, with more expected:

Analysts are wary, though, that stimulus will be too little:

PBOC’s Loan Prime Rate (LPR)

  • It is an interest rate benchmark used in China, set by the People’s Bank of China each month. Set on the 20th, but given that was Saturday its being set today instead. While set on the 20th (22nd this month) the new LPR takes effect on the first day of the following month.
  • The LPR serves as a reference rate for banks when they determine the interest rates for (primarily new) loans issued to their customers.
  • Its calculated based on the interest rates that a panel of 18 selected commercial banks in China submit daily to the PBOC.
    • The panel consists of both domestic and foreign banks, with different weights assigned to each bank’s contributions based on their size and importance in the Chinese financial system.
    • The LPR is based on the average rates submitted by these panel banks, with the highest and lowest rates excluded to reduce volatility and manipulation. The remaining rates are then ranked, and the median rate becomes the LPR.

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