RBNZ dep gov Hawkesby: policy is going to stay restrictive for some time yet

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Deputy Governor Hawkesby

  • restrictive policy needed to ensure inflation expectations anchor at
  • policy is going to
    stay restrictive for some time yet.
  • policy will need to
    stay restrictive even when the output gap is negative.
  • we think the output
    gap now is around zero, if not a bit negative.
  • we don’t have a lot
    of room to maneuver when it comes to future inflation shocks.
  • we are on the right
    path with inflation, have to hold our course.
  • not in a mindset to
    cut rates now, will be cutting sometime down the track.

The RBNZ kept its cash rate on hold at its meeting this week and trimmed back its forecasts for the track ahead. Its statement was not as hawkish as its prior statement. If anything Hawkesby is a touch more hawkish today.

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