St. Louis Fed names quant-firm founder Alberto Musalem as its next president

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis announced today that Alberto G. Musalem will be its next president and chief executive officer.

Most recently, he founded a macro-focused quant firm backed by Paul Tudor Jones, which had about $110 AUM.

Musalem has more than 27 years of public and private sector experience in economic policy, finance and markets. Most recently, he was CEO, co-chief investment officer and co-founder of Evince Asset Management, a quantitative investment technology company. Prior to Evince, he was executive vice president and senior advisor to the president at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he was head of integrated policy analysis, international affairs and a member of the Bank’s Management Committee. Prior to the New York Fed, he was managing director, partner and global head of research at Tudor Investment Corporation focusing on the interaction of economic policy, macroeconomic performance and markets.

At the outset at Evince, Paul Tudor Jones said he backed the “vision of building an investment management business focused on combining multistrategy quantitative global macro approaches with close discretionary oversight benefiting from their central bank policy perspectives, which we see as a significant differentiator.”

Bloomberg reported that: Evince trades currencies, fixed income and equities using 14 algorithms with 50,000 lines of code to dig through more than 27,000 data series each day. It makes about 70 trades a day, often holding positions for about four weeks, people familiar with the firm say.

There’s no public data that I can find to show the returns at Evince but given the career change and that he left the fund in Sept 2022, I think it’s safe to say he wasn’t blowing the doors off.

He begins on April 2 for a term that ends Feb 28, 2026. He was born in Colombia.

This article was written by Adam Button at Source