Survey shows low optimism among Japanese businesses for wage increases

Barely half of the firms in the latest Reuters monthly poll of Japanese business have said that they can raise wages higher than inflation.

Reuters highlights:

  • 51%
    said they could raise wages beyond a 2.8% rise in Japan’s core
    consumer prices in 2024
  • 60% said wage increases would be possible only for less than 3%, firms citing much higher costs from energy and materials

Wage talks early in 2024 will be keenly eyed. Large pay hikes are expected to help lift household spending
and give the Bank of Japan central bank the conditions it needs to see sustainable and stable 2%+ inflation and to thus dial back massive monetary stimulus.

The Reuters monthly poll of Japanese businesses had 155 respondents, which is a tiny sample size.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source