The BOJ meet next week – but this week is an even bigger one for them (wage talk results)

Japan’s ‘shunto’ wage negotiations conclude on March 13.

First results will be released by labour umbrella union Rengo on March 15. Big firms/big union wage talk results usually set the tone for those by smaller firms nationwide.

More Bank of Japan policymakers are leaning towards the idea of ending negative interest rates this month on expectations of hefty pay hikes in the year’s annual wage negotiations. The Bank meet next week, on March 18 and 19. It’s a very close call, and we may have to wait for the April 25-26 meeting for any BoJ policy move.


Weekend report – Bank of Japan is considering scrapping its yield curve control program

Japan (final) Q4 GDP +0.1% q/q (preliminary was -0.4%)

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source