The Swiss National Bank will be publishing a report on monetary policy on Wednesday

The Swiss National Bank (SNB)’s Quarterly Bulletin for Q2 2023 will be released at 1300 GMT, which is 0900 US Eastern time.

The Bulletin typically includes sections covering:

  • Monetary policy:

    • With an assessment of the current and forecasted state of the Swiss economy, including inflation, growth, and employment
    • SNB’s deliberations and decisions about its policy strategy, including decisions about interest rates and other monetary tools
  • Statistical data:
    • Presenting information on higher-tier economic indicators such as inflation rates, exchange rates, money supply, and the balance of payments.
  • There are also usually some special focus articles, often covering topics relevant to Swiss monetary policy or the Swiss economy in greater depth.
  • Some Bulletins include summaries of the discussions and decisions of the SNB’s governing board surrounding policy decisions.

Swiss National Bank chair Thomas Jordan

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source