US stocks melting up with the Dow Industrial Average & S&P index on pace for record close

The major US stock indices are melting to the upside once again with the NASDAQ index leading the way with a gain of over 0.8%. Both the S&P and Dow Industrial Average are on pace for record closes today. For the Dow Industrial Average its record high close was at 38681.38. For the S&P index the record close was at 4958.62.

A snapshot of the market currently shows:

  • Dow Industrial Average up 151 points or 0.40% at 38670. Once again the record high closes at 38654.43.
  • S&P index is up 34.04 points or 0.69% at 4988.33. Its record close level is 4958.62
  • NASDAQ index is up 125 points or 0.80% at 15735. The NASDAQ index is on pace to close at the highest level for the year, and going back to January 2022. The all-time high price for the NASDAQ index is at 16212.23 but is now only about 3% away from its all-time high closing level

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source