USD weakens post US ISM data: Technical update on major currency pairs

The USD has moved lower after the weaker US I sent data and push the price’s vs the major currencies to new levels. Some are breaking. Some have reached technical targets and found traders willing to lean against those levels.

In the video, I take a look at six the major currency pairs.

Below is a list of those pairs reviewed in this video along with the start times to make it easier. It is important to understand the roadmap technically in your trading. The fundamental news set the USD lower but what they did due to the charts? This video will answer that question for each respective currency pair:

  • EURUSD0:13
  • USDJPY 2:30
  • GBPUSD 4:00
  • USDCHF 4:56
  • NZDUSD 5:48
  • AUDUSD 6:38

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source