Atlanta Fed Pres. Bostic: Expects a slow pace of disinflation in 2024

In an interview with Yahoo finance, Atlanta Fed Pres. Bostic says:

  • Expects a slow pace of disinflation in 2024.
  • CPI coming in at consensus would be a welcome development.
  • He cannot eliminate the possibility that rate cuts move even further out.
  • It is always possible feds growth forecast could rise.
  • If disinflation pace continues they could pull cuts in closer
  • Not hearing much from businesses that they are seeing “coming pain” in employment
  • If a labor cliff seems to be approaching , it might influence policy.

The stocks have seen a reverse to the upside with the S&P and Nasdaq now trading higher on the day. That did not take long to reverse declines.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source