Federal Reserve speakers Thursday include Williams and Logan

Two notable speakers coming up from the Federal Reserve on Thursday:

1605 GMT / 1205 US Eastern time – Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams speaks before hybrid Signature Luncheon event hosted by the Economic Club of New York.

As head of the NY Fed Williams has a permanent vote on the Bank’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Indeed, he is vice-chair of the Committee (Powell is Chair of the Committee). Willaims spoke earlier this month:

Having said all that, he is likely to be upstaged by the forthright head of the Dallas Fed, Lorie Logan. There is something in the water down there in Dallas, sipping it turns you hawkish. Before Logan as head of the Dallas branch was Robert Kaplan, who was well ahead of the curve saying inflation was not transitory. The latest from Logan:

2100 GMT / 1700 US Eastern time – Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Lorie Logan speaks before the Borderplex Alliance Distinguished Speaker Series

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