Federal Reserve’s Beige Book due today, plus Mester and Bowman

On the agenda from the US on Wednesday, 17 April 2024 is the publication of theat 1800 GMT, which is 1400 US Eastern time.

  • The Beige Book is a report published by the Federal Reserve (Fed) eight times a year, that provides an overview of economic conditions in each of the Fed’s twelve districts. The report is compiled using information from the Fed’s business contacts, economists, and other experts, and covers a wide range of topics including employment, wages, prices, and consumer spending.
  • The Beige Book is used by the Fed to help inform its monetary policy decisions, and it is also closely watched by economists, investors, and businesses. The report is unique in that it provides a regional perspective on the economy, rather than just a national one. It’s called “beige” because of the color of its cover. The report is released two weeks before the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, and it’s widely used by market participants as a source of information to help anticipate Fed monetary policy.

Later in the US afternoon are a couple of speakers:

  • 2130 GMT / 1730 US Eastern time: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester speaks on “An Update From the Federal Reserve” before the South Franklin Circle Dialogues Series
  • 2315 GMT / 1915 US Eastern time Federal Reserve Board Governor Michelle Bowman participates in fireside chat before the Institute for International Finance (IIF) Global Outlook Forum

“Got any beiger?”

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