Goldman Sachs looking for higher USD/JPY – no change to BOJ negative rates until 2025

summary of a Goldman Sachs piece is via the folks at eFX.

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USD/JPY’s Projected Path:

While Goldman Sachs anticipates an upward trend in the USD/JPY exchange rate, the journey might not be a smooth one, facing various market speculations and external factors.

Factors to Watch:

1. Active Currency Management: Markets may seek more robust currency management interventions.

2. BOJ’s Stance: A potential hawkish turn from the BoJ could introduce volatility into the currency pair dynamics.

3. US Economic Health: Should concerns arise about the robustness of the US economy, it might induce fluctuations in the currency pairing.

Intervention Dynamics:

Direct interventions, aimed at arresting significant currency movements, might not be in the offing unless there’s an early departure from the NIRP by the BoJ (which Goldman Sachs expects only by spring 2025) or a significant shift in the US economic outlook. While interventions could decelerate the Yen’s movement, changing its overall direction might be a tall order.

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source