GOOG stock technical analysis

Google stock technical analysis video

Hey investors and traders, it’s Itai Levitan here, diving into Google’s stock as of May 12th, pre-market, but also looking well at Alphabet’s stock well beyond today. Within the GOOG stock technical analysis video below, we’re seeing a sweet re-entrance into the important value area of the year, and it’s now at an important junction, possibly eyeing a spot around $148, with a critical pitstop at $143.50. Let’s break down what’s shaking with Google, especially after its latest earnings and price action. πŸš€πŸ“ˆ

  • Alphabet’S recent earnings insight: Remember, it’s not all about the big revenue numbers or forecasts. The real deal is how the stock behaves post-earnings. Seeing a stock drop 11.4% right after the bell? That’s a red flag. 🚩 BUT the post earnings correction might be over…
  • Signs of a rebound at GOOG: After a tumble from January 30th to early March, Google’s stock found its footing, hinting we might have weathered the storm. That 15.5% slide? It’s like the market taking a deep breath, possibly setting up for a rebound. πŸ’¨πŸ”„

GOOG stock technical takeaways:

  • Bull Flag Sighting: Spotted a green channel that’s textbook for a bullish flag, with a neat breakout on the fourth try. This pattern suggests we’re gearing up for a rally. 🏁
  • Trading Volume Tales: We’ve stepped into a hot zoneβ€”the value area high since the year’s start, with a heavy trade volume signaling a strong interest around the 143.5 mark. πŸ“Š

Junction jive:

  • Pre-market action’s nudging us close to a critical junction at 143.50. If we break past this, it’s a clear runway to 148. But watch out, this line’s got eyes on it, and not just from me. It’s a liquidity hotspot, where some might dare to short, but a break through could turbo-boost the price. πŸš€πŸ’₯

Swing and hold strategy for Alphabet stock:

  • If you’re riding the swing, these junctions are your playground. But for the buy-and-hold crowd, hitting that 148 mark might be a good time to pocket some gains, prepping for any potential dips back to the 143.5 comfort zone. πŸ¦πŸ’Ό

Looking big picture for GOOG:

  1. In the wake of a 15.5% decline, Google’s strong position in generative AI with its Gemini (formerly Bard) platform makes it an attractive pick for swing traders looking for a potential short-term rally. The technical analysis suggests that, at their discretion, traders might find a promising buying opportunity here.
  2. The tech landscape is shifting from hype-driven excitement to a more practical focus on innovation and efficient investment. Despite recent gains, Google’s stock has faced challenges. However, considering its robust foundation and long-term potential, especially in AI, it remains a compelling option for those focused on the bigger picture.
  3. On the daily, if this upswing holds, we’re sketching higher lows, a bullish beacon. Yet, if 143.5 turns us away, it could mean Google’s not ready to lead the charge just yet, possibly dragging down the NASDAQ with it. πŸ‘€πŸ“‰

Remember, Google’s hefty influence on the indexes an vise versa. Keep tabs on ES and NQ as well as over at for more angles. And as always, trade wise and at your own risk! πŸŒπŸ” Happy trading, and let’s see how this unfolds! 🌟

This article was written by Itai Levitan at Source