Japan inflation data – Tokyo area CPI for October headline 3.3% y/y vs. 2.8% prior

The only ‘expected’ was for the ‘core’ (i.e. excluding fresh food), it came in higher.

  • headline rate was in line with its previous reading
  • core-core (i.e. excluding food & energy, this is the closest measure to US core inflation) came in above the prior

Tokyo inflation data

  • National-level CPI data for October will follow in about three weeks, it takes longer to gather and collate the national data.
  • Tokyo CPI is a sub-index of the national CPI
  • It measures the change in prices of goods and services in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Its considered a leading indicator of national CPI trends because Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and is a major economic hub
  • Historically, Tokyo CPI data has been just slightly higher than national Japan CPI data. The cost of living in Tokyo is a touch higher than in most other parts of Japan. Higher rents, for example

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