NASDAQ index breaches 2023 high close level but backs off, S&P nears all-time close record

The NASDAQ index reached a high of 14539.61 today. That price extended above the high closing level for the index in 2023. That high close came in at 14358.02 reached on July 19. That was the same day that the intraday high price for that index was reached at 14446.55.

NASDAQ index traded above its all-time high close today

What is the all-time high price for the NASDAQ index?

That level comes in at 16213.23 reached back on November November 22, 2021. The current price is around 13.5% from the all-time high price

For the broader S&P index, it reached a high today of 4568.43. That got within about 20 points of its all-time high close reached on July 31 when the closing price reached 4588.97. The high intraday price for the S&P index in 2023 reached 4607.07 on July 27.

S&P got within the 20 points of the 2023 high close today

The all-time high price for the S&P index reached 4818.62 back on January 4, 2022. The current price of the S&P is 5.48% away from that all-time high price.

The NASDAQ index is currently up around 95.62 points or 0.67% at 14296.20. The S&P index is up 21.34. points or 0.48% at 4 559.45.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source