Reddit stock IPO technical analysis: Bears take control after initial optimism

Key observations from Reddit’s (stock ticker RDDT) post IPO opening candlesticks:

  • 📈 Bullish Opening Day: The first day of trading commenced with optimism, as evidenced by a green candle indicating a closing price higher than the opening price.
    • Long Upper Wick: The presence of a long upper wick suggests that while buyers were initially in control, there was substantial selling pressure.
  • 📉 Second Day Reversal: The following day presented a red candle, signaling that sellers dominated the session by pushing the closing price below the opening.
    • Lower Wick Observation: A smaller lower wick on the red candle hints at a limited downward push beyond the opening price.

Bearish Implications for Reddit’s IPO Week:

  • Closing Below IPO Price: The second day’s closure below the IPO’s opening price casts a shadow of bearish sentiment over Reddit’s stock debut.
    • This price action might indicate a lack of immediate confidence from the market in Reddit’s valuation at the time of the IPO.
  • Potential Reversal Patterns: Although not a perfect bearish engulfing pattern, the setup is leaning more towards bearishness, suggesting a possible reversal in investor sentiment from the initial optimism.

Points to consider for Reddit stock investors and traders:

  • 🧐 Market context: Always analyze these patterns within the broader market context. Consider the overall market conditions during the IPO week.
  • 📊 Volume and other I
  • indicators: Evaluate trading volume during these days for confirmation. Combine candlestick analysis with other technical indicators for a comprehensive view.
  • 🔄 Confirmation needed: Look for additional bearish or bullish signals in the following days to confirm the potential trend reversal.

Conclusion of this simple Reddit technical analysis so far:
The initial trading days of Reddit’s IPO highlight a tug-of-war between bullish and bearish forces. While the first day’s trading closed on a positive note, the subsequent fall below the IPO opening price suggests caution. Bears have currently the upper hand, according to this 1st and short trading week for Reddit Traders and investors should stay alert for further confirmatory signals and conduct a multifaceted analysis to inform their decisions.

This article was written by Itai Levitan at Source