Reuters poll: 21 of 85 economists predict first ECB rate cut in April, 38 say June

The results of the latest Reuters poll of analysts’ outlook for the European Central Bank:

All 85 respondents
predicted the ECB
would leave its deposit rate at 4.00% on January

  • 21 predict the first ECB rate cut in April
  • 3 say March
  • 38 say June
  • 23 predict the first cut coming in Q3

In the Reuters report is this from BMO on the chorus of ECB officials pushing back against near-term rate cuts:

  • “If you’re hearing the ones (policymakers) that are the most
    talkative out there,
    which are the hawks … almost all of them
    have been pushing
    against the possibility of an ECB rate cut at
    least in the coming
  • “But
    stranger things have happened, so I wouldn’t be
    surprised if they do
    an earlier rate cut. Our view is still that
    they’re going to go
    in June, so we’ll stick to that in the

European Central Bank dates for 2024

This article was written by Eamonn Sheridan at Source