Stock market forecast, Nasdaq futures to 18k, to a failed breakout, then down

🚀 Stock market forecast: My spicy opinion for pro traders and newbies alike! 📈🌶️

Hello, everyone! It’s Itai Levitan here, bringing you a sizzling stock market analysis and forecast, straight from the dynamic world of Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of the stock market, buckle up! We’re diving into a fun-filled journey with a sprinkle of emojis, targeting the heartbeat of the trading world – the NASDAQ 100 Futures, home to the Magnificent 7 and stellar performers like Meta and Amazon. 🌟

🎥 Nasdaq analysis video: Forecasting the financial frontier! 🚀

Dive into the heart of the market with my latest Nasdaq analysis video on the Youtube Channel, where we decode our analyst opinions, the signals and trends that define tomorrow’s trading landscape. In this concise yet comprehensive forecast, we’re not just crunching numbers; we’re uncovering the stories behind the stats. The Nasdaq, with its pulse on tech titans and innovative upstarts, offers a thrilling arena for those daring to predict its next move. 📈💡

📊 Navigating the NASDAQ 100 Futures: Up, Up, and Away… But not for long!

I’m eyeing an uptick of about 2 to 2.5% leading to a tantalizing tease above the 18,000 mark on the NQ. Yes, you heard it right! But hold your horses; this ride comes with a twist. As we analyze the NASDAQ 100 Futures, which encapsulates the essence of market movers, we’re not just talking numbers. We’re dissecting a storyline woven with precision on weekly charts, where the closes and opens reveal a tale of potential and anticipation. 📉📈

🎯 Channeling Insights: The Devil’s in the Details

Our journey isn’t a straight path. It’s adorned with shootouts and touches that add spice to our trading strategy. Some may argue the channel isn’t exact due to these deviations. Yet, when we zoom out, it’s the weekly confirmations that give us the confidence to navigate through. Yes, we’ve got shootouts, but also, perfect touch points that serve as our guiding stars. 🌠

🐻 For the Bears: A Green Light for Caution

Diving deeper, we spot a green trend line and a bearish wedge, signaling a heads-up for those with a cautious eye. The daily timeframe offers a crystal clear view: two consecutive daily bars closing below this trend line could spell a trend reversal. So, bears, keep your eyes peeled for this subtle hint! 🧐

🔮 The Crystal Ball: A Double Fail Breakout?

Now, let’s talk scenarios. The market is flirting with the 18,000 mark, teasing us with a potential breakout from the purple channel. But here’s where the stock market foreacst thickens: It may go above the 18k to 18150-18250, then find sellers, and decline to create a double fail breakout – below the long term channel shown in the Nasdaq futures technical analysis video above, as well as below the important 8k round number. If and when that happens, setting the stage for a dramatic dip to 17,250, and perhaps even a more significant leg down towards the channel’s mid-point around 16,425 to 16,450. A nearly 10% correction? Now, that’s a rollercoaster! 🎢

📉 Trading Strategies: Bears vs. Bulls

What’s the game plan? For long-term holders, navigating the next 9 to 10 trading days with a keen eye on earnings is crucial. A failed breakout above 18,000 signals a cue for the bears, while bulls might find opportunities in the volatility. Remember, trading is an art and a science, peppered with risks. Always trade at your own risk, embracing the unique insights and original perspectives offers. 🎨🔬

🌐 Your Trading Companion

As we wrap up this spicy forecast, remember, the stock market is a dynamic beast, full of surprises and opportunities. Whether you’re a bear waiting in the shadows or a bull charging ahead, is here to enrich your trading journey with fresh, unique insights. Dive into our world, where risks meet rewards, and every trade is a story waiting to be told.

Happy trading, and here’s to making informed decisions on the trading battlefield! 💼🚀

Disclaimer: This analysis is for informational purposes only and not a call to action. Trading involves risk, and it’s crucial to do your research and trade based on your own risk tolerance and strategy.

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This article was written by Itai Levitan at Source