The S&P index trades to a new all-time intraday

The has moved up to a new session high at 5262.47, and in the process is trading at a new intraday all-time high price extending above the March 21 at 5261.10.

The S&P is looking to end the quarter with gains of over 10% and the largest first-quarter gain since 2019. The current gain is 10.31%.

Since the October 2023 low, the S&P index is now up 28.22%.

At session highs, the S&P index was up 13.99 points today. At session lows it was down -2.66 points.

The NASDAQ index is back above unchanged. For the trading day, at session highs the index was up 21.40 points and at several lows the index was down -52.14 points.

The Dow industrial average is up around 65 points or 0.16%. At session highs it was up 87.96 points.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source