Trade idea for gold: 4 to 1 reward vs. risk for the early bear

Gold futures technical analysis: Go bears with this 4-to-1 trade idea, at your own risk

In the ever-evolving world of gold trading, staying ahead with insightful technical analysis is crucial for those looking to capitalize on gold futures. Today, we’re diving deep with Itai Leitan at, presenting a comprehensive gold futures technical analysis, coupled with a high-reward trade idea that beckons the astute trader. Here’s what you need to know:

Key Highlights:

  • Trade gold at your own risk: Itai emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility in trading. Remember, every trade carries potential risks and rewards.
  • Technical gold futures analysis insight: Itai shares his unique perspective on gold futures, guiding traders through the technical landscape.

Gold Price Forecast: A Closer Look

Itai provides an analytical deep dive into the current state of gold futures, highlighting a potential for correction despite gold’s status as a safe haven. This analysis is grounded in technical patterns and volume profile studies, offering a nuanced view for those interested in gold price forecasts.

Short Gold Idea: A 4:1 Reward vs. Risk Trade

  1. Entry strategy: Itai points out a specific trading range, utilizing volume profiles to identify key areas of interest.
  2. Stop loss: A carefully placed stop loss at 1.47% above the trendline to manage risk effectively.
  3. Profit targets: Itai outlines a primary target at 1922.9, with partial profits planned at strategic levels down to 1997.7. SEE GOLD TECHNICAL ANALYSIS VIDEO ABOVE FOR DETAILS

Subtle Nuances for the Seasoned Trader:

  • Volume Profile Analysis: Key insights into buyer and seller dynamics at different price levels.
  • Risk Management: Itai discusses the significance of wider stops for swing trading and the concept of position sizing to mitigate risk.

Trading Wisdom:

  • πŸ“‰ Understanding market dynamics: The technical analysis provided sheds light on the intricate dance between buyers and sellers in the gold market.
  • πŸ›‘ Risk consideration: Always prioritize risk management, adapting your strategy to the unique challenges of gold futures trading.


This gold futures technical analysis on offers a valuable perspective for traders looking to navigate the complexities of the gold market. With a focus on disciplined risk management and a strategic approach to entry and exit points, traders can engage with the market informed and prepared.

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Remember, the key to successful trading lies in informed decisions, a stop loss as a measured approach to risk. Good luck, traders!

This article was written by Itai Levitan at Source