USDJPY extends to new highs and above 145.00 for the first time since November 2011

The USDJPY is trading higher, and above the 145.00 level. That took the price above the 2022 high at 145.07 and to the highest level since November 2022. The price is also in the middle of a swing area on the daily chart between 144.984 and 145.900. The close risk now is a break back below the 145.00 level with momentum. Absent that, the buyers remain in control with the 145.900 level as the next key target. Move above that level and it opens a door for the extremes from 2022 .

The price is working on its 6th day in a row to the upside. During that process the price moved from a low of 141.502 to the high price today of 145.394 (so far).

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at Source